About Us

SMAK 1 Student Council is the one and only official organization in SMAK 1. Since the begining of our foundation, we were encourage to make one of the best school in Indonesia even better. With one team, one vision, and one mission, SMAK 1 Student Council is heading to the right direction with so much achievement such as healding SMAK ONE CUP every year. The path is clear for SMAK 1 Student Council to spread our wing even further.

History of SMAK 1

SMAK 1 PENABUR - Jakarta (English: PENABUR 1 Christian Senior High School - Jakarta) was established on 1947 as a MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs, Colonial Dutch secondary school) in its old location at Pintu Air 11 Road (then known as Sluisbrugstraat 11). Its director was J. C. Boss (1947–1950), a mathematician. In the following year, the school was renamed as CVS (Christelijke Vereniging Scholen, Christian Association School), and its directorial position was taken over by Dr. Van Der Meer (1950–1951).

Following the end of Dutch colonization in Indonesia in 1945, CVS was handed to THKTKH (Tiong Hoa Kie Tok Kauw Hwee, Union of Chinese Christians) and renamed SMA Istimewa (Special High School). Lessons were conducted in Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian.

On August 1, 1950, SMA Istimewa was taken over by BPK Jabar Foundation, and the school underwent major revamping. One of these changes was the adjustment of its name to SMAK 1 (Sekolah Menengah Atas Kristen 1) and the usage of Indonesian as the sole medium of instruction. The addition of the word "Kristen" (Christian) was done to emphasize its Christian roots and values.

In 1956, the school was selected as a model school for the development of other schools in Jakarta. In the same year, it also set the record-high for Indonesian National Physics and Chemistry Examinations, an achievement held until today.

On March 1989, BPK Jabar KPS Jakarta changed its name to BPK PENABUR KPS Jakarta. In the same year SMAK I was moved to its current location of Tanjung Duren Raya Road. The school has a canteen, sport fields, science laboratories, library, auditorium, language laboratory, music and dance rooms, a greenhouse, a student counseling center, students' council room, large assembly hall(for up to 1000 people), twenty seven classrooms, and etc.

BPK PENABUR Jakarta Vision

Become a top Christian education institution in Faith, Science and Service

BPK PENABUR Jakarta Mission

Develop students' potential optimally through good quality education and teaching, based on Christian values

SMAK 1's Vision

Creating superior quality human resources in science and technology and caring for others based on the values of Christian life

SMAK 1's Mission

Prepare future inventors / scientists who master knowledge and technology, creativity, innovative, independent and proactive and have a firm foundation of faith

Improve the professionalism of education personnel in line with the development of education

Our Vision

To realizing SMAK 1 PENABUR Jakarta with maximum potential in improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning as well as the comfort of all people in schools by making use of modern technological innovations

To realizing SMAK 1's Student Council is active in achieving and realizing aspirations and creativity based on faith, knowledge and service

Our Mission

using recent technologies developments in the modern world to realize innovative programs and increase the effectiveness of existing programs

invites all residents of SMAK 1 to actively involve and giving aspire to school programs and activities

mobilizing student council personnel to contribute more on the welfare of people in need

making SMAK 1 more concerned about environmental sustainability

*For more info about BPK PENABUR Jakarta, visit bpkpenaburjakarta.or.id

*For more info about SMAK 1 PENABUR Jakarta, visit smak1.bpkpenaburjakarta.or.id