There is No Surrender Before Trying


SMAK 1 vs SMA Bukit Sion (photo taken by Adrian N.S. ,SMAK 1 PENABUR)

GOR Grogol - The name of SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR itself must be familiar to the ears. After a 2 years vacuum from DBL, this year SMAK 1 returned and proved themselves. Having to face Bukit Sion High School who is the holder of the 2018 DKI Jakarta HONDA DBL title champion is not easy, but SMAK 1 is not discouraged. This actually made them realize that they had to practice even harder. "Opponents as strong as any should not be feared because there is no advantage if we are afraid of opponents, no matter how strong they are we still have to spend everything we have for the team," said Darren Jonathan Candra (number 8). They have sacrificed a lot to be able to show their best to boast the name of the school.

The newcomer to the KR1ZA team, Christopher Kelvyn (number 11), became one of the mainstay players in today's match. Although he managed to contribute the most points to KR1ZA, he still felt that his performance was not too optimal. "This is only our first official match as a team. It's not too our most optimal performence either," he said. According to the trainer from KR1ZA himself, Mr. Ruspin Gultom, KR1ZA is not yet fully optimal. This defeat teaches that more training is needed, especially basic training.

supporter KR1ZA

Supporters of SMAK 1 who were very enthusiastic in participating in the match (photo by Adrian N.S. , SMAK 1 PEANABUR)

In the first quarter, Bukit Sion succeeded in leading with points 17-2. Even though it had not succeeded in defeating Bukit Sion, supporters of SMAK 1 PENABUR remained enthusiastic in supporting their pride team. Various songs that have been prepared are sung and cheered to encourage the players. In 3rd quarter, KR1ZA managed to earn 6 points to try to catch up with them. Jason Abner (number 3), captain of KR1ZA, managed to get 2 points for his team with a spin fadeaway. This gave a new enthusiasm to the audience and the players of course. KR1ZA claimed to feel happy to see the call and support from friends who have attended. Too bad this spirit hasn't been able to take KR1ZA to the next round. They were forced to go home with the final score of 54-20 outperformed by Bukit Sion.

"Our hope for KR1ZA in the future is to be more better in the future and not be discouraged. Continue to practice and be able to return even better next year. We will always support KR1ZA! "Said Helen Olivia Chandra.

GOR Grogol, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. 21:00 WIB.
( Journalist Team of SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR)