DBL West Jakarta Region Series Opening Party

GOR Grogol - After a long wait, on Friday, August 9, 2019 the Jakarta West Region DBL series officially began. High enthusiasm from competitors and supporters can be seen from the crowd that had gathered outside the venue even before the opening began. This year the DBL West Jakarta series, titled #Waktunya Buktikan, is attended by 14 schools and with competitors from various branches of the competition.

Gor Grogol

GOR Grogol field before the opening of the DBL Jakarta West Region series begins (photo was taken by Adrian N.S. , SMAK 1 PENABUR)

The DBL West Jakarta Region series was opened by Dian Harapan High School against Kristoforus 2 High School. Before the match began the compilation of players from both sides succeeded in stirring up the audience. The match began with a high enthusiasm from supporters of Kristoforus 2 High School. They managed to win the first quarter 6-4. Unfortunately, this victory failed to be maintained by Kristoforus 2 High School and it was succeeded by Dian Harapan High School in the second quarter 15 -19. The energetic dance performed from Dian Harapan High School and Kristoforus 2 High School during half time succeeded in reviving the enthusiasm of the audience present. Dian Harapan High School or commonly known as DH managed to maintain victory in the 3rd quarter with score of 20-25 even though the first quarter 3 points were obtained by Kristoforus 2 High School. The victory was successfully obtained by Dian Harapan High School 33 - 43.

tarian lion king

Dian Harapan High School dance team with the theme of Lion King (photo was taken by Adrian N.S. , SMAK 1 PENABUR)

The second match of the opening party was from SMAN 19 against Yadika 2 High School. Songs from the two parties that joined together shook Grogol Sports Hall. In the first quarter, SMAN 19 successfully entered the ball 6 times in a row, securing them 12-0 which was surpassed by SMAN 19. This score could make supporters of Yadika 2 lose spirit, but the ball entered by no.6 in the first 5 seconds of the second quarter managed to cheer them up again. SMAN Yadika 2 could not catch up to SMAN 19 in the 2nd quarter. Until the last quarter, SMAN 19 managed to maintain their victory 31-10.

Today's last line up is SMAK 1 PENABUR against Bukit Sion High School. Even though they had to face Bukit Sion, the DBL winner last year, SMAK 1 was not discouraged. They keep trying their best and the supporters of SMAK 1 enthusiastically support their almamater. In the first quarter Bukit Sion led 17-2. Bukit Sion managed to maintain their victory until the final quarter with a final score of 54-20. Even though the SMAK 1's team had to ends in defeat, it did not mean that their enthusiasm and support would be lost. This defeat is not the end of their story.

GOR Grogol, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. 21:00 WIB.
(Journalist Team of SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR)