SMAK 1 Won 2nd Place In SMAN 1 Bogor English Debate Competition (Demo)

Hello Smukierz! Recently, SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta’s English Debate Society sent 2 teams to join a competition in SMAN 1 Bogor English Debate Competition (PRODIGY),

Team SMAK 1 A – (Scott, Natasya, Jennifer) and

Team SMAK 1 B – (Alda, Nicholas. L, Madyarini)

We prepared a lot for this competition.

A week before the competition started Team SMAK 1 A and Team SMAK 1 B held it’s first join training, we train with our senior (Derril Pramana) who teaches us a lot of things about debating and prepares us for this coming competition. Several days later, we held another join training in which we prepare on the motion that was given by the comittee of that competition. And after that, each team prepare separately for the competition.

And so the day of the competition arrives… We started our journey with a 90-minutes trip to Bogor. During the trip, some of us still prepares for the competition, and some people who simply needs time to relax before the competition decided to sleep during the whole trip. After we arrive at SMAN 1 Bogor, we immediately go straight to the debater’s hall and waited until the competition started.

After hours and hours of debating, the first day of SMAN 1 Bogor English Debate Competition finally concludes, we went back to the Debaters Hall to get the breaking announcement (An announcement that decides which team is going to the Semi-Final and which team that doesn’t). I was really terrified that I might not break to the semi-final because we only have 1/2 Victory Point which means that we might not go to the semi-final. And so… the results came up.

  • Day 1 Results
    • Team SMAK 1A | 2 Victory Point | Advancing to Semi-Final
    • Team SMAK 1B | 2 Victory Point

After the breaking results, the adjudicator then shows the speaker ranking.

SMAN 1 Bogor Speaker Ranking
Speaker Ranking


Some of the members of EDS SMAK 1 gets into the “Top 10 Best Speaker” (Yay!)

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On the next week, the 2nd day of the competition is held (We don’t know why the 1st day on the 2nd is a week apart.)

On the 2nd day, only Team SMAK 1A will be competing in the competition, since Team SMAK 1B is already eliminated 🙁 So, it’s a pretty lonely trip to Bogor because there’s only 3 people on the car and all of us are really nervous about the competition.

Team SMAK 1A won the semi-final against Team SMA Regina Pacis C on the motion of “THBT Tax holiday brings more good than harm” as Opposition with a really really really slight margin (0,5!).

We then continue to the final round against Team SMAN 1 Bogor on the motion of “THW Torture terrorist” as Opposition.

The final round was really intense, the government side of the house mostly talked about how it’s justified for us to torture this terrorist that has causes a lot of damage to the society and they also talk about how the information that they can get from torturing the terrorist will benefit the country, and we mostly talked about how there’s a huge possibility that this particular person could be innocent, etc.

But sadly, we didn’t win the final round and therefore we get the 2nd place.

Personally, I’m really satisfied on how my team have cooperate together during this whole tournament. We might not win the 1st place, but for me it’s already more than enough because we learn a lot of thing to be use in our next competition! Thanks Guys!

Team SMAK 1


Member of SMAK 1 English Debate Society

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